Why did Lac Ste Anne County kill a back-to-nature campground development?

With the state of Alberta’s economy, you would think a municipality would welcome a multimillion-dollar construction project to build a back-to-nature campground, create jobs, create business opportunities, and draw visitors.

This document details the BIAS, BAD FAITH, and CORRUPTION within Lac Ste Anne County.

Leading up to the Council Meeting, the County and Council were highly supportive of my Proposal.

The County is absolutely in favour of a campground and associated development of this nature - that’s why the redistricting to Commercial Recreation was approved. (Andrew Chell, 30 Oct)

To be very clear, Council is in favour of the majority of your proposal and recognizes that a campground is a great use of the land. Our recommendation to Council will be that the ASP be tabled, [so that] the site plan can be updated. (Andrew Chell, 05 Nov)

We value our recreational amenities very highly, and we certainly recognize that great camping destinations are a major asset to our community. (Andrew Chell, 11 Jan 19, to the Canadian Camping and RV Council)

One issue was outstanding, and that was because the County provided me with the report only a few days before the Council meeting. The County was fully aware and accepting of this. Indeed, on the evening of 06 November (the night before the Council meeting), the Briefing Notes highlighted the positives of the development and contained a single recommendation: table the proposal to allow me to address the single outstanding issue.

By the next morning, the Briefing Notes had changed. The Notes contained an additional page of text, all profoundly negative, and the recommendations was to kill the development. It died. Now the County is refusing to explain why and refusing to tell me what needs to happen to get this project approved. I have acted in good faith and have nothing to hide; the relevant records are at the bottom of this page.


  1. Why did the County rezone the land to Commercial Recreation, and then kill the proposed campground?
  2. Why did Andrew Chell (Development) change his Briefing Notes the morning of the meeting?
  3. Why did Matthew Ferris (Development) provide me with incorrect and misleading information during the development process?
  4. Why has Matthew Ferris let his emotions and personal beliefs interfere with his decision making? (For the second time in 2018.)
  5. Why the last-minute change from fully supportive to completely against?
  6. Why hasn’t Michael Primeau (County Manager) responded to my emails requesting information and guidance?

If you want to see more Albertan’s working, a diversified economy, and support local business, demand the Alberta Government investigate Lac Ste Anne County. Demand Lac Ste Anne County do their part to get Albertan’s working. And in reality, this is a back-to-nature campground! 85 % of the land will be left in its natural state. No other form of development comes close to preserving this much nature.


I have worked in good faith with Lac Ste Anne County, and am proud of my proposed development and my interaction with Lac Ste Anne County. Below are links to the relevant records that confirm the above statements.

Summary of the Nakamun Oasis campground

Relevant correspondence     very positive throughout the year-long development period
Briefing Notes (original)

Briefing Notes (revised)       a sudden change the morning of the second Council meeting
Unanwered correspondence

Full Area Structure Plan (51 pages)     the full proposal
Details on the bias, bad faith, and corruption within Lac Ste Anne County